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Rank 1

Sex Simulator


When you want to feel something more immersive when enjoying adult entertainment, you must try the Sex Simulator. This browser adult game is exactly what you need for a fun time in front of your PC or mobile. It has amazing graphics and it comes with some maddening kinks, which will fulfill your fantasies and make you cum like a horse. There’s nothing you can’t try in this game. From sensual sex to extreme BDSM, everything is possible. And the characters are customizable, so that you can fuck the babes of your dreams.

Star Rating

Lifelike Characters

Next-Gen Concept

Character Personalization

Immersive Gameplay

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Rank 2


Are you ready to fall in love and lust after a virtual girl that you created? Well, that’s possible with VR Fuck Dolls, a sex simulator coming from the future. The graphics and the kinks that can be enjoyed in this game are out of this world. The attention to details in unmatched. These babes will seem so real, especially because of all the facial expressions and responsive body parts they come with. Enjoy this realistic sex game straight into your browser, with none of the hassle of creating an account or downloading anything.

Star Rating

VR Compatibility

Up To Date Site

Browser Access

Tons Of Gameplay

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Rank 3

Family Sex Games

Family Sex Games is the platform where all your incest fantasies will come true. And they will come true in a way that’s more exciting and immersive than porn movies. All these HTML5 games are featuring excellent graphics and so many actions that you can freely take to enjoy wild sex and stories with multiple endings. Enjoy taboo fantasies on Family Sex Games right now, without paying for anything or downloading any kind of shady client. Just enter the site and enjoy incest porn games directly into your browser. Moms, sisters and daughters are waiting for you.

Star Rating

Sinful Incest

Daddy Fantasies

Horny Moms

Realistic Dialogue

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Rank 4

Adult Game Pass

You want to get down and dirty on Adult Game Pass. You will love all the games that are coming on this platform. And not only because they’re free. You’ll love them because they’re brand new. They’re all HTML5, and they come with the hottest graphics out there. The fact that the games come from all kinds of different studios, there are all kinds of styles, genres and kinks in this collection. There are XXX parodies of mainstream games such as Call Of Duty or Grand Theft Auto, there are sex life simulators, and even some porn RPGs.

Star Rating

All Fantasies

Tons of Gameplay

Functional Site

Fast Loading

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Rank 5

BDSM Stimulation

BDSM Simulator is the game you need for your dominant fantasies. If you don’t have anyone to be a slave for you, this game will help you blow off some steam. I’m sure you’ll find it both exciting and relaxing. You can play as either a master or a mistress. The actions are pretty much the same in both cases, with the difference that when you’ll fuck a slave’s holes as a dominatrix, you will do it with a strap on. The game only comes with female slaves, but the best part is that you can customize them a bit. Make them skinny, make them thick, make them busty and make them suffer.

Star Rating

Merciless Action

Realistic Slaves


Dom-Sub Feeling

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Rank 6


Westsluts is the game that all the western fans were waiting for. This porn parody game is coming based on the story of the famous series Westworld. In the action of this title you will get to walk around the western themed park but instead of enjoying the life of a cowboy, you will experiment with the sex life of one. The game is filled with characters from the original series. What’s cool is the fact that you can also go behind the scenes of the Westworld amusement park and fuck all the chicks while they are still robots.

Star Rating

Western Kinks

Horse Riding

Robot Sex

New Plot

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Rank 7

Shemale Sex Games

Shemale Sex Games is the hottest collection of hardcore trans games of the moment. You won’t need any other site for your dirty fantasies regarding trans chicks. This site comes with a massive amount of games and the library keeps growing every month. You’ll find games from every genres, from simple sex simulators with excellent graphics to adventure games with excellent plot lines and interesting characters that will seduce you. All the games of this site are brand new. Even so, you will get to play them directly into your browser. That’s how much the trans gaming scene has evolved.


Star Rating

Tranny Kinks

Massive Dicks

Trans-Girl Sex

Custom Shemales

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Rank 8


Jerk Dolls is the porn game that we all need to finally accept that sex dolls are ok in man’s life. This is a sex doll simulator, but it feels so real, just like a sex doll will feel. In Jerk Dolls you will start by customizing your perfect sex doll. You can recreate anyone you want from your life in this game. Once you have your perfect sex doll, you will be able to fuck her in any way you want. The sex gameplay comes with so much awesomeness, no matter what you want to experiment, from girlfriend experience to BDSM.


Star Rating

Sex Doll Sim

Doll Creation



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Rank 9

World of WhoreCraft

World Of WhoreCraft is the game that turns your WoW addiction into a kink. This game is the xxx parody of the famous MMORPG and you will get to fuck all those characters from the original game that you used to lust for in the long nights of gameplay. Sexy human babes, elves of all kinds, even dwarfs and trolls are ready to give you their pussy. You will sure have tons of fun with this game, especially since in between the sex scenes you will also be able to complete some quests.


Star Rating

Quest Gameplay

Lesbian Elves

Crystal Dildos

WoW Graphics

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Rank 10

Feet Fetish Games

Foot Fetish Games is the place where you need to be when your cock is getting hard for feet. No matter what form this fetish takes for you, there is sure a game that will please you over the limits. You will cum on feet, you will have sexy girls jerking you off using their feet and there’s also some stepping cock and balls torture in some of the more extreme games. The collection is completely free and it only comes with new games. There are no Flash games on this site. Everything has that new and awesome HTML5 graphics.


Star Rating

Many Feet Kinks

Cum On Feet

Toe Licking

Famous Girls

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Rank 11

Extreme Porn Games

Before we recommend this site, we have to warn you that the action might be a little too hardcore for some of you. Extreme Porn Games comes with a collection where BDSM is the norm and where the female characters are used as cum buckets by the avatars with huge cocks that will be controlled by you. Fuck all their holes until they cry and enjoy some exciting plots featuring incest, slave abuse, monster fantasies and humiliation in free access games that can be played on your mobile.


Star Rating

Scandalous Games

Great Platform

Fresh Titles

Pleasing Graphics

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Rank 12

Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator is one of the hottest sex simulators of the moment. First of all, you will love the customization menu of the game. This is open of the very few games that will let you customize even the race of the chick you’re about to fuck. You will also enjoy the fact that the girls are talking to you during the hardcore action scenes. And the voiceovers are available in multiple languages. When it comes to kinks, you will enjoy everything from masturbation and anal play to BDSM and even some furry and incest fantasies.


Star Rating

Amazing Customization

Voiced Dialogue

Furry Fetish

Insane Details

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Build & fuck your dream doll


JerkDolls is the premiere #1 game to go to online for all horny gamers. Launch this exclusive sex game today for free!

Rank 13

Fuck Rabbit

Fuck Rabbit is the place where you will find only furry porn games for your fantasy about rabbit fursonas. You will only find games that are rabbit themed. Some of the are truly furry games, in which you will fuck chicks dressed up in rabbit fur costumes. On the other side, you will also find chicks dressed in bunny themed lingerie, with ears and buttplugs. But you’ll also get to fuck some anthro rabbit characters, including famous chicks such as Judy Hops from Zootopia and the one and only Jessica Rabbit.


Star Rating

Bunny Roleplay

Zootopia Characters

Detailed Design

Zoo Sex

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Rank 14


Overwatch is one of the hottest porn game parodies of the moment. That’s because it comes with amazing graphics and physics engines that makes the action seem so realistic. I can go as far as comparing this parody sex game with the original release when it comes to how it looks. And the characters are exactly like in the original game, but on this site they are naked and horny, If you always wanted to fuck Tracer and all the other chicks, now is your chance.


Star Rating

Smooth Movement

Orgy Play

Tracer Porn

Free Link

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Rank 15

Free Adult Games

Free Adult Games is one of the craziest porn gaming sites of the moment. This site is focusing a lot on sex life simulators. In most of the games of this site you will play as a male avatar that goes around town and fucks every hot chick he can find. But you will have to use your brain to fuck them. The simulators are coming with multiple choice conversations which can lead to sex or rejection. However, you can always start over and find the right way in the panties of a hottie.


Star Rating

Realistic Simulators

Dating Games

Porn Experience

Interactive Sex

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Rank 16

Vr Porn Games

VR Porn Games is the collection of browser games that is going to blow your mind. For the first time, you will be able to play adult porn games in VR directly online. You won’t need to download any client and the best part about it is the price. Or better say the lack of price, because all the games are free. Don’t ask us how they did it because even we can’t figure it out. If you want to play the hottest games of the moment in VR, you need a headset (any headset) and some time alone at home.


Star Rating

Browser VR

Unique Offer

Beta Access

2D Switch Available

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Rank 17

Gay Porn Games

Gay Porn Games is a collection of homoerotic games that will make anyone cum. No matter if you’re a gay guy, bisexual, bi-curious or even a straight guy who wants to see what the big deal with the gay games is, you will enjoy these titles. The collection even comes with parody games featuring famous characters in gay adventures, such as Batman, Superman or even Orcs from World Of Warcraft having a gay orgy. And you’ll even find furry gay games on this site. All the gaming is free and ready for your browser.


Star Rating

Wild Gay Action

Justice League XXX

Ongoing Library

Free Gay Gaming

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Rank 18

Red Dead Redemption Porn Games

Red Dead Redemption is exactly what you were waiting for. The famous Play Station exclusive now has a xxx version that can be played on your PC, Mac or any mobile device you might have. You will get those thrilling shooting scenes that you enjoyed in the original release, but you will also get to fuck all the cowgirls that you meet. I love the big number of outdoor sex scenes, because that’s the beauty of any western themed game. You can play this game for free directly in your browser, with no registration and no payment.


Star Rating

Western Quests

Themed Sex

Great Music

Awesome Scenery

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Rank 19

Anal Sex Games

Anal Sex Games is the platform all men want to play on. This site is coming with all the hardcore porn games that you need for your ass drilling fetish. All the babes here have delicious looking asses that are ready to be fucked hard. Some of the babes are enjoying the ass drilling, but you also get the painal porn games in which you will make girls cry with your cock. Some of the games here are coming with famous characters in parody gameplay in which you get to finally fuck the asses that made you horny in cartoons or video games.


Star Rating

Merciless Anal

Close Up Camera

POV Gameplay


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Rank 20

Teen Porn Games

Teen Porn Games is the site that you need for your teen fantasies. The babes on this site look so young and beautiful, some of them will remind you of all the nubile porn stars that are famous today. In fact, a couple of games on this site are coming with characters that were designed based on famous teen porn stars, such as Elsa Jean. You will enjoy all kinds of games, including schoolgirl sex, incest fantasies and even some teen BDSM adventures. Get ready for some hardcore teen play on Teen Porn Games for free.


Star Rating

Skinny Teens

Dad-Daughter XXX


Starlets Characters

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Rank 21

Violent Sex Games

Violent Sex Games is a site that offers what’s advertised in the name. I wouldn’t recommend this site to anyone. This is just for the fans of true hardcore. Every single game of this site is featuring women screaming. The collection is coming with fresh games, with graphics that makes the action feel realistic. The site is coming with categories such as monster games, BDSM simulators, and even teen babes fucked by big black cocks until they cry. The collection is all you need for those twisted fantasies that are running around in your head.


Star Rating

Violent Gameplay

Scary SoundFXs

Monster Porn

Horrified Girls

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Rank 22

Pregnant Sex Games

Pregnant Sex Games is one of those sites that knows exactly how to put together a fetish collection. I think the webmaster behind this guy truly has this fetish too, because he put together an awesome collection of games for us. The games on this site are all brand new and they feature chicks in different stages of their pregnancy. There are teen pregnant girls and cougars with big bellies, there are customizable characters and there are so many kinks that can be experimented with in this collection. You will sure enjoy every single game and all of them are free.


Star Rating

Pregnant Asians

Preggo Fantasies

Impregnation Kinks

Third Trimester Sex

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Rank 23

League of Legends Porn Game

League Of Legends is one of the most phenomenal games out there. With millions of players worldwide, the fanbase is filled with naughty guys and girls. And all those naughty players will be thrilled to see the characters that they love so much in some wild sexy adventures in the League Of Legends Porn Game. All the heroes of your favorite MOBA have been reimagined in kinky ways and now you can enjoy a porn gameplay for free directly in your browser.


Star Rating


Free Access Gaming

Excellent Recreations

Cross Platform

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Rank 24

Fallout Porn Games

There are many porn game parodies for mainstream games out there. But Fallout, for some reason or another, was spoofed for so many times that a webmaster was able to build up an entire website that only delivers Fallout porn games. You will enjoy so much zombie porn gameplay, which is coming with a lot of scary sex scenes in which the babes are screaming. But what I love about the zombie sex scenes is that although the girls are scary at first, they end up enjoying the zombie cocks and even kneel for some zombie cum on their face.


Star Rating

Fallout XXX

Zombie Kinks

Apocalyptic Porn

Quests And Missions

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Rank 25

Lesbian Porn Games

We couldn’t just make a list of porn games recommendation that didn’t include a source of lesbian fun. We chose the Lesbian Porn Games website, which comes with a massive collection of titles that can fulfill the fantasies of all men and even the fantasies of women who are craving for pussies. There are games in this collection that will simulate a girlfriend experience, but also some hardcore femdom lesbian games with BDSM elements and a lot of strap on fucking. All games are free and ready to make you cum!


Star Rating

Luscious Girls


Double Dildos

StrapOn Sex

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Rank 26

Monster Sex Games

Monster Sex Games is the site where you will blow off all the dirty steam that you have in your sexuality. This is the place where even the most twisted fantasies can be pleased. Most of the games on this site are featuring helpless girls chased and fucked by scarry monsters of all kinds. There are zombines, orcs, demons and tentacle aliens fucking these chicks. There are a couple of games where the babes are hunting monsters whom they use as sex slaves. But all the titles are scarry and they come to you for free directly in your browser.


Star Rating

Tentacle Porn

Scary XXX Games

Anthro Porn

Ravished Pussies

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Rank 27

Fuck Games

When it comes to diversity, we have Fuck Games to recommend. This site is for the times when you don’t know exactly what you want to play, but you need a large variation of games at your disposal so that you can choose on the spot. There are so many categories and kinks in this collection. Fuck Games is in a way the resume of everything that we recommended so far. From puzzle porn games and sex game parodies to multiplayer sex games, everything can be found on the site. Just like all our other recommendations, all the games on this site are completely free. You don’t even need to register!


Star Rating

Diversified Collections

Weekly Uploads

HTML5 Titles

No Waiting Time

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Rank 28

Bondage Sex Games

There are porn gaming sites and then there is this next collection. The site we have here is all about hardcore gaming. It’s not for everyone, but for the right folks this will be the main source of adult gaming. The right folks are the ones who love extreme sex. This collection is one of the best when it comes to bondage games. The BDSM games on this site are so realistic that you can actually learn how to tie up a slave and punish them just by playing them. And everything on the site is completely free.


Star Rating

Bondage Experiments

Excellent BDSM

Tutorial Games

Play Instantly

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Rank 29

Impregnation Porn Games

Impregnation Games is the second site in the preggo fetish category that we recommend in this list. That’s because we had so many requests for this kind of games and because the collection of this site is just so good. These are games in which you will fuck skinny chicks, cum inside them, and then wait for a bit until their belly grows to fuck them again. You will enjoy additional fetishes, even a pregnant gang bang game with bukkake and all that you need for a massive orgasm. Play the games on mobile or computer tonight.


Star Rating

Instant Pregnancies

Lots Of Creampies

Swollen Tits

Massive Bellies

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Rank 30

Toon Sex Games

Toon Sex Games is one of my favorite porn game parody sites, and that’s because all the characters in these games are coming from famous cartoons. On the one hand, we have characters from Adult Swim cartoons. You can fuck Lois Griffin from Family Guy or Marge from Simpson, and there are even incest scenes in which these moms are fucking their naughty boys. On the other hand, there are also porn games with characters from innocent cartoons, such as Kim Possible, My Little Pony or Frozen. Everything is so naughty and everything is free.


Star Rating

Toon Parody Games

Family Guy Incest

Kim Possible XXX

Fresh Games

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Rank 31

3D Sex Games

3D Sex Games is for the players who care a lot about graphics. When I first entered this site, I was surprised by the fact that the games are truly free. The graphics and the design of the characters is so realistic. It makes me wonder how many hours went into crafting these games. Not only that, but the action is also real life-like. The way everything movies and the sounds used in the games will make you feel like you’re watching a porn movie. But this is a porn movie that you direct. Enjoy all games for free on mobile and computer.


Star Rating

Unmatched Realism

3D On Mobile

Character Crafting

Kink Diversity

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Rank 32

Cartoon Sex Games

Cartoon Sex Games is a collection of parody porn games that comes with all the characters from your favorite cartoons. There’s so much kink and dirtiness in these games that I wouldn’t want to get caught playing them. So, our recommendation is to get on this site in incognito mode. You will play some things that others might find disturbing, including lots of incest games with the families from Family Guy, The Simpsons, The Incredibles or Frozen. And everything on the site is completely free. You can’t miss this chance to please those twisted fantasies of yours.


Star Rating

Lois Griffin Sex

Incest Cartoons

Top Graphics

Lots Of Fetishes

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Rank 33

Black Porn Games

No matter if you enter this site for the ebony chicks with massive asses and big tits, or for the black guys with monster dicks, you will find exactly what you’re looking for. Black Porn Games is also a great site for the ladies, because it has a lot of interracial action that will please their fantasies for BBCs. The collection is coming with so many ebony and BBC themed games, which can be played for free. There are even some trans ebony porn games on the site, and they will include some black gay games too. Stay tuned!


Star Rating

Interracial Gameplay

Cuckold Sim

Ebony Twerk

Black Trannies

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Free Porn Games Unlocks XXX Gaming For Everyone

At Free Porn Games we believe in free adult gaming. No matter what kink or fantasy you have, there is sure a game for you out there. But not all games are free and some sites are asking for ridiculous prices when it comes to join their premium communities. That’s why we started this site. We want to offer everyone the chance to play adult games instantly. There’s no need for premium memberships in this day and age in which there are so many ways of monetizing your traffic. Because we’re a team with lots of experience and connection in the adult world, we decided to use those connection and find the best deals for you. You can take this site as the ultimate guide of the adult gaming world. The links that you will find below are coming only with free access games and websites, where you can play without limits on any device you might have. We only recommend games that were tested and reviewed by our team. This isn’t one of those link dumps. It’s a handpicked selection of adult entertainment sources. Let’s talk in more detail about why this following list of recommendations is everything you need for your naughty gaming fantasies.

How Do We Make Our Reviews?

When it comes to reviews, we’re not compromising. However, you might find it suspicious that all the reviews that are to be found on our site are positive. And there’s a logical explanation for it. This is a site where we only recommend games that are worth playing. The games that would have negative reviews don’t make it on our site. So, it’s normal that all of them are presented in a positive light. Then why do we even bother writing these reviews? Well, all games are different. Some of them have graphics features that make them valuable. Some of them have amazing sound effects and voice overs that are worth mentioning. And for others you need a resume of the kinks and fantasies that can be enjoyed in the gameplay. Basically, the reviews that we write on this site are telling you everything you need to know about a game before you even visit the site where you play it. We also let you know about the compatibility of the games, the sites that they’re coming on or if they are available in full or if they’re still in their beta phase. You will also find bullet points of the strongest features of a game above its review.

Free Porn Games Covers All Adult Gaming Categories

No matter what kink you have or what fetish makes you cum, we sure have the game that will please you tonight. We know that diversity is one of the key features of any porn collection, and we implemented that in our list of recommendation. However, we also follow trends, so you will find more games from the most popular and requested categories in this list. Let’s talk a bit about what’s to be found in the list above. First of all, because it’s still the most popular kink everywhere, we feature many family porn games on this site. You can play games with sinful moms, dads, daughters and sons in all sex combinations possible and even family orgies. Another popular category on Free Porn Games is the xxx-game parody. We have parodies for everything, from the most popular games like Overwatch and League of Legends to mainstream cartoons, and games with characters from movies or TV series. Some games even come with celebrity characters that you can fuck. The BDSM category is also popular on our site and we have some simulators that will really make you feel like a dominator. Other kinks include feet fetish, pregnant fetish, anal games and monster sex games.

An Inclusive Porn Games Collection For Everyone

Although most of the adult game industry is focusing on straight men fantasies, we made sure to include games for everyone, no matter their gender or sexual orientations. We have lots of games for ladies on this site. Some of the most popular female-friendly games of this list are the interracial and cuckold ones. Also, we have trans porn games for everyone. You can play games in which trans babes are fucking each other, in which men are fucking trans girls and vice versa, and some games in which trans chicks are fucking cis women. At the same time, we have queer games of both kinds. There are plenty of gay porn games in our list, focusing on all kinds of fantasies, from twinks getting fucked by their sugar daddies to jocks in hardcore orgies or gay porn game parodies. Finally, we have a collection of lesbian games that’s appreciated by everyone, from straight men and women to real lesbians. And the inclusion doesn’t stop here. We are far from being kink shamers, so we made sure to include recommendations for our beautiful and creative furry community. As you can see, everyone is welcomed on our site, and so are you!

We Only Recommend Up To Date Games

The first thing that you should know about the list of recommendations that we put together is the fact that every single game here is from the new generation. If you know nothing about game design, let me break it down for you. I’m sure you’ve heard of Flash sex games before. Well those are a thing of the past. They were cool, but so limiting. The graphics were pretty rudimental, the bodies weren’t responsive and the gameplay was minimal. On top of that, most of them were only available on PC. The games from the new generation are built using the HTML5 technology, which truly revolutionized the industry. All the games above can be played directly in your browser and the graphics are similar to what’s offered by PS3 and even PS4 mainstream games. Besides great graphics, the HTML5 technology also means increased compatibility. Or better said, total compatibility. HTML5 games are working on all devices, no matter if they are desktop or mobile, no matter if they run on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. Basically, if your device can access the internet and run a browser, you will be able to play the games that we recommend. Now that you know everything about the Free Porn Games project, it’s time to enjoy its awesomeness. All you have to do is go through the list of recommendations and based on the bullet point features and reviews, choose the game that raises your interest the most. In just one click you’ll be on a site where you can play it for free, with no strings attached.